I am working on my retirement plans… as you know this includes a lot of issues including health care. Carrie Wood was recommended to me by the Wealth Management company I am working with. In a session on our retirement planning with Carrie and my wife, we asked Carrie a question about health care for my wife’s 86-year-old mother. With all 4 of my wife’s siblings in town for just a couple of days, we needed to speak to someone knowledgeable quickly. Carrie obliged us with a late Friday afternoon Zoom meeting including all of the siblings and me.

In short… Carrie was amazing. Her knowledge of the various plans was impressive, but even more impressive was Carrie’s patience, customer service skills, and kind heart. Carrie guided us through the discussion, and we ended up in a great spot… with coverage for mom.

In my position, I’ve dealt with many “vendors” in my career. Carrie is a partner. There is a huge difference. Just wanted to share this great experience with you.

Joe B.

A fellow baby boomer here that had NO clue where to start when I reached the magic 65! Made an appointment with Diane Pusateri, and got all the facts in everyday English from her. The legalese of the printed info would confuse a law student! She gives the FACTS, explains your options, and lets you know any costs. I have advised friends to contact Diane and they've been very happy. Diane always has her client's best interests in mind.

Mary U.

Jane has been the “go-to” person for my couple’s group for several years regarding Medicare plans yearly enrollment. I invite her to make a presentation to the group each year, early in the sign-up period. She is thorough and concise, presenting the typically complex information in an understandable yet factual way. She points out the key differences among plans and empowers the individuals to make the choice best for them. She assists in completing registrations and then is available for solving problems during registration or throughout the year. Knowledgeable yet understandable and always available. I wholeheartedly recommend using Jane’s services.

Dave T.

Brenda has proven to be very knowledgeable and caring, carefully explaining the differences between our available Medicare options and the changes from year to year. She listens carefully to our needs and with impartiality has been instrumental in helping us to always choose the best policy for us. She is just a phone call away to answer questions or set up a meeting if needed. We sincerely, highly recommend Brenda.

Dave and Edie E.

Working with Jane Ahrens was a delight, her explanation of the various health and prescription programs and assistance applying for the plans on-line made the process super easy and quick! Thank you Jane for your expertise and ability to uncomplicate the Social Security and Medicare systems!!!

Karen B.

Carrie was wonderful. She walked us through the complicated world of Medicare. Explained in detail everything. Helped us through it all and even when we were about to push the button on one plan and things happened that changed it, she was the best at trying and succeeding to find us the right plan for our needs. Thank You so very much for all the hard work.

Deborah and Daniel K.

I’ve been a customer of Ahrens Benefits for years! Why? Because of their customer service!! They listen to your needs and deliver what you need. They don’t oversell you. And they are there for any issues that may pop up. I highly recommend Jane and Tina to help you with all your health insurance needs!!

Laurie E.

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